Why is the ability to be creative so important?

The benefits of nurturing creative expression are numerous. The following points only touch upon a few...

  • Making art allows children to process the world around them.
  • Hands on art activities aid learning in all other areas of study. Working with art makes them better students for the rest of their lives.
  • Hands on activities aid in the development of fine motor skills.
  • Making art promotes creativity and creative problem solving. Creative thinking leads to answers that are "outside the box."
  • It helps kids connect . . . to other kids, to adults, and to the world around them.
  • Art making strengthens patience and determination. It increases empathy and tolerance.
  • It helps them become comfortable giving a receiving feedback, not just about their art, but about all other aspects of their lives.
  • Creating art relieves stress, boosts self-esteem and inspires confidence.

Everyone should have the opportunity to immerse oneself in the tactile world of making art. It is life changing. Offer a class to your child. Take a class yourself! It's never too late to reap the benefits.