Writing Together



Writing is a wonderful way of expressing oneself creatively, and it can be very difficult to find like-minded individuals to share with and discuss, the many facets of putting words to paper.

Join us each Monday night at 7pm to learn, grow, write, and share.

This is an easy and relaxed environment, with guided prompts and lessons. Each class will explore an aspect, idea, or genre, and we’ll learn effective methods of critique, question, and rewrite.

Please reserve your spot in advance!


(ADULT) Every Monday night starting at 7pm.  

This class begins April 15 and has no end date.

$10 per class


Message me on Facebook, Email me at robin@crayonboxcollective.com, or text/call 613-360-4037 to reserve your spot.

Payments can be by cash, cheque or e-transfer to robin@crayonboxcollective.com.